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The Present Art
Kaeru-An Zenga Exhibited at Buddhas Spur

By John Stevens​ and Felix Hess

Zenga:  The Present Art is a catalogue of 15 pieces of Zen art from the collection of Felix Hess exhibited at Kunstmuseum, Bochum Germany in 2011.
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46 Pages
Category: Eastern Art
8.5 x 11

The Art of Peace
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Zenga:  The Present Art
Kaeru-An Zenga
 Exhibited at Buddhas Spur
By John Stevens and Felix Hess
As Felix Hess, a scientist, artist and Zen art collector explains in the introduction where he discusses his Zen art collection of over 500 pieces and how it came to be, Kauru-An means frog hut.

This introduction is followed up with an essay by John Stevens entitled Zenga:  The Present Art.   Professor Stevens discusses the role of Zen art and calligraphy along with how it came into being and factors that distinguish Zen art from other art.  He speaks about several pieces and artists of importance including Hakuin, Sengai, Onisaburo Deguchi and others, and explains that such art comes about from "insight developed from years of meditation."

The bulk of the book is devoted to the 15 pieces of art from the Kauru-An exhibition.  There are photographs taken by Felix Hess, and information, explanations and translations provided by Professor Stevens.

Finally, the book finishes with a rare section on seals of the artwork (real size).

An "inexhaustible treasure", Zenga:  The Present Art offers the reader numerous opportunities from the visual sermons of masters such as Hakuin, Tesshu, Sengai, Unmon and others to begin to awaken to the Universal presence within.