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The Timeless Circle
By John Stevens​

ENSO:  The Timeless Circle is a catalogue of an art exhibit held by the art dealer Robyn Buntin of Honolulu and curated by Professor John Stevens.   This art catalogue is pulsating with energy that provides readers with a rare glimpse of the Universe.
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72 Pages
ISBN:  978-0578003825 Category: Eastern Art:  Enso
8.5 x 11

The Art of Peace
by Morihei Ueshiba
Translated by John Stevens
Family Oriented
  The Timeless Circle
By John Stevens
The book contains all types of enso's from very old to modern by all sorts of masters.  These enso's, or circles of enlightenment, provide each master's self reflection or their view of the Universe.  They are Zen tools meant among other things to inspire and instruct.

Following a brief essay by Robyn Buntin and another by Professor Stevens, there are more than 75 enso's presented along with translations of the calligraphy that goes with them and information on the artists.

Each enso is different with a different heartbeat, yet they contain a common thread.  In a description of one Universe Enso by Ashikaga Shizan, Professor Stevens talks about the powerful sensation that the Universe is pulsating with life and charged with energy.   

In the same manner, the timeless enso's in this book are alive with the vision each of these masters contain allowing readers a rare and multifaceted glimpse of the Universe via the pulse and reflection of their combined work.